Encounter: Jake Schroeder

A few Sundays ago we got to hang out with an amazing tattoo artist and all around legit dude, Jake Schroeder. He invited us into his little world and let us ask him a few questions about his passion. Watch the video and get to know Jake.

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Tell us about when you first started drawing, how that came about, and the progression your drawing and painting took along the early years.

“As long as I can remember I’ve always been drawing; it’s just one of those things that’s always been there. I didn’t really get serious about it until the last couple years of high school. I took beginning art, the teacher I had was like ‘Hey, if you do everything I give you this year, next year when I have you for advanced I’ll let you explore and do anything you want, just turn something in.’ I did that senior year of high school and I just kind of went off with it, and did as much as I could. Then I had an art show right out of high school, and that’s when I was like “Alright! Lets fucking roll!”

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What influenced you and your art in those early years?

“When I was younger I was really into realism. Chuck Close was a real big inspiration. I don’t paint with oils ever, but I just like what crazy photo-realism painters can do and that always blew me away; I tried to do it with pencil when I was a kid. Gustave Dore too – his line work from the Divine Comedies, like Dante’s Inferno, and all those were huge inspirations. When I was into going to shows I was always around Derek Hess’s stuff, which was a real big inspiration too, that crazy line work. Pushead, I have one of his pieces on me.”

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Jake | Stock 2-4

What about now?

“It’s hard to say now…I mean there is such a flood of stuff online and with social media so I typically try to stay way from following a lot of artist online. You kind of keep that stuff in your subconscious, whether you like it or not, so I try to stay away from looking at a lot of different things like that, because you don’t want to be like, ‘Did I come up with this, or has it just been floating around back there?’ I don’t know, but theres so many good artist out there though, yeah I couldn’t really pin it on one.”

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What is it about art and tattooing that makes you want to keep coming back every day?

“I get to draw on people every day. That’s the best part about it, it’s a job that I just get to draw.”

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Do you have any crazy tattoo stories?

“The weirdest one I did…I did this huge dick on the side of some guy’s leg. He wanted a big ol’ black cock, with orange balls, pink head, and it jizzing red. So that was pretty much the weirdest one I’ve ever had. He originally wanted to do spiderwebs in his crotch and he asked if it was painful, and I was like, ‘Ahh dude, that’s gonna suck.’ Pretty much just saying, I really don’t want to do that. So, he was like “Okay, well here’s my other idea!” and he pulls out a piece of line paper and it’s just a crude drawing of a penis. So I was like… ‘oh, alright, lets rock and roll.’ “

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Did he have a reason?

“It was right when I started tattooing too, so I was like ‘Fuck dude, what am I get myself into?’ I asked him, ‘Why the cock?’ and he said ‘just to be different, you know, I got my hair done.’ And he pulls his hat off and he has all these different highlights, he we probably in his like, early 50’s late 40’s. We’d see him around after that, he got the penis right above his ankle sock line, and he’d always be like ‘Just taking my cock for a walk!’ He’s probably on a list somewhere…

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Video by: Ben – Instagram

Video and Words by: Kirby – @Kirby_

Photos by: Richard – Instagram


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